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David Easterby's Sourdough Bread recipe

Sunday 17 November 2019

We have used this recipe to bake bread for many many years! Hope you find it helpful.


500g T65 Flour
(strong French-Swiss flour often used for making baguettes)

350g water

150g sourdough starter (the one we have is over 70 years old!)

12g salt

Stage 1.


500g of flour and 320g of water.

Blend together.

Leave it with a wet towel over the top for at least an hour.

Stage 2.

Add 150g sourdough starter and the remaining water (30g) and knead.

Put some olive oil on the top and bottom to stop it sticking. The sourdough will then go through the autolyse. The sourdough is actually feeding and using the carbohydrates in the flour to produce ethanol and carbon dioxide. Ethanol is converted by the bacteria, producing lactic acid. Bubbles of carbon dioxide become trapped in the stretchy dough, making it rise.

Cover with a wet towel and after 20 minutes add salt.

You then cook for 30 minutes in a hot oven.

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