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Racing Staff Week: Caroline Bartram

Thursday 04 July 2019

What got you into racing and working with horses?
Accidentally fell into a career in racing whilst on my gap year in the USA. I was offered an opportunity to ride over timber, won my first race and was hooked.

What is the best thing about your job?
The horses. Definitely, the horses. I think if you are going to spend as much time as we do with them you really have to be very passionate about their welfare and success. It's great to see them progress and change over the years. It's hard work and everyone from the racing staff, stud staff and veterinary staff all do their utmost to care for and get the best out of each horse.

What is the best piece of advice you've received?
Keep a leg either side and don't let go of your neckstrap!

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Finally finishing that scarf I started knitting in Secondary School. (only took 15 years)

As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up?
It changed daily but I do remember wanting to be a fighter jet pilot for a really long time. I think it had something to do with wanting to go fast.

If you could travel, where would you go?
I would go to New Zealand. I really want to do the The Araroa Trail someday.

Who would you take with you if you were sent to live on a desert island for a month?
Probably my dog Oscar, he's not too much bother and usually great company. Even if he does have a tendency to take your dinner off the table whilst you're not looking.

Who would you make sure wasn't there when you arrived on your desert island?
Anyone from Love Island. (Other than Chris Hughes of course)

What personality characteristic has gotten you in the most trouble?
My impulsiveness. The above mentioned dog came home after a rather impulsive decision and my mother didn't talk to me for a week. (Saying that I still would have done it anyway!)

If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what name would you pick?
I used to give fake names in clubs with fake numbers when I was younger and I often used the name Lucy-Lu.

When you're having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
I tack up one of the ex-racehorses and go for a long hack. It usually clears my head and like Winston Churchill said "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

What's the one food you could never bring yourself to eat?
Anything slimy! Mushrooms, snails, refried beans.

What fictional character do you wish you could meet?
Gandalf! I just want to know why they couldn't just use the eagles to throw the ring in the fire in the first place!!!!!

What was the funniest way that you have been injured?
Skydiving! I didn't flare my parachute properly so was going too fast when my feet hit the top of the wheat and I ended up landing head first in the dirt. I walked all the way back to the drop zone (I'd missed) with mud all over me and half a wheat field sticking out of my helmet. Anyway, I ended up not being able to turn my neck for a week.

If your life was a movie, what songs would be the soundtrack?
Same Jeans (The View), Mardy Bum (Arctic Monkeys), In Too Deep (Sum 41), What's My Age Again (Blink-182), Boss of Me (Malcolm in the Middle Theme), I Try (Macy Gray), Nightmares (Easy Life), Forget Me Not (Brian Fallon), Save My Soul (RIVVRS)

Who would play you in a movie of your life?
Hopefully someone cool like Jennifer Lawrence.

What's your favourite movie quote?
"What do you want, Mary? Do you want the moon? If you want it, I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down for you. Hey! That's a pretty good idea! I'll give you the moon Mary" - It's A Wonderful Life

What song do you have to sing along with when you hear it?
Anything by Billy Joel. They're just so catchy.

What game are you really good at?
Backgammon, but my sister always seems to be able to beat me. Think she's just lucky.

What's the worst thing you did as a kid?
I was a pretty horrible kid but telling my sister if she ran fast enough off the picnic table she would fly would have to be up there.

If you could read minds, whose would you want to read?
Anyone I was playing poker against.

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