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The Tale of Buzz The Agent

At the start of 2000, Buzz the Agent's career - and also his life - hung in the balance. But this tough gelding was to return to the track in a manner that surprised everyone.

At the start of 2000, Buzz the Agent's career - and also his life - hung in the balance.

Quite what happened we'll never know, but a little nick appeared on his near fore at the knee. His knee began to swell and was the size of a football with inflamation.

It was touch and go for a long time, as the vet's bills mounted.

Things looked bleak, and his racing career appeared to be over for certain.

But Buzz was a tough horse, and although only rated 36, his owners Alan Black and Andrew Hedley were determined to give him every chance. Eventually Buzz responded to treatment and thanks to the dedicated care of all the staff and his owner, he was back in light work by May.

His knee was still much larger than usual but it didn't seem to impede him, and after some more serious work he was ready to race again. His return was at Beverley, in a ladies handicap under the guidance of experienced amateur Serena Brotherton.

Just to see old Buzz get round and for his knee to stand up would have been a victory. But this little racehorse was tougher than that and under a super ride, he was settled in third place and went one better up Beverley's stiff finish to get himself second place prize money.

Buzz came out of his race well, but couldn't get into the place money in the next few weeks.

After being balloted out of a handicap at Beverley in September, his owners decided it was time to give the old boy a well earned retirement.

A good home was found for Buzz on a farm in the East Riding, where he could live out his natural life.

He was such a gentleman and would give his new owners much happiness over those retirement years.

Posted: Sunday 04 December 2016

Buzz and a friend enjoy the Sunday morning Polo mints with owner Alan Black

Buzz with an inflamed knee

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