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Morning Exercise: Apalis and Cory Tate

Daily exercise for a racehorse

It's a regular training routine that's so familiar to anyone involved in training racehorses, but seldom seen by the average racegoer or TV viewer. Here Cory Tate takes us through the morning routine for a racehorse, from saddling, through exercise, wash down, cool down and then turn out.

Cory starts to tack up five year old grey mare Apalis ready for morning exercise.

The saddle cloth is put on her back. These cloths are usually used to absorb sweat, cushion the saddle, and protect the horse's back. Apalis is still yawning!

Cory makes a few adjustments and they are ready.

Saddle in place and Cory equipped with back protector and riding helmet, all safety measures are in place.

Cory and Apalis leave the yard with Hernando Torres and Swansway. Later Swansway and Apalis will share a paddock.

Third lot of the morning are led out onto the gallop by Hernando Torres, along with Flight Officer and Swansway.

Apalis and Cory pound up the gallops, travelling for approximately a mile and tackling a climb of about 160 feet.

Back from exercise Cory takes off the saddle and cloths.

Apalis gets a well earned drink of water.

Time for wash-down as Cory carefully washes the grey mare.

Cory puts Apalis onto the horse walker to cool down. The horse's body readjusts to normal temperature and she can go out into the field to enjoy some time grazing with the other horses.

Exercise over, Apalis and her best friend Swansway can enjoy the afternoon in one of the spacious paddocks to graze and relax after their exertions. The paddocks are in a beautiful spot approximately 250 feet above sea level with spectacular views over the Vale of York, and in the distance can be seen York Minster.

Added: Friday 09 June 2017

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