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A Day with Hoof It

We spend a day with Hoof it and follow his routine

Hoof It in his box waiting for his morning exercise, after nine seasons on the track he knows what's coming next.

Hoof It is readied for his morning exercise.

All set, just awaiting his work rider.

Hoof It and Jane Bedford head out for morning exercise, today accompanied by Shadows Lengthen and Decima.

Jane and Hoof It power up the hill.

After galloping Hoof It returns to the stable yard with his companions.

Time for a wash down.

And a drink.

Hoof It will then stand and nibble hay with buckets full of ice on his forelegs.

Then its time to spend the rest of the day in the paddock with his best friend Carlton Frankie.

Carlton Frankie and Hoof It will pick at the grass and nibble the hedges until tea time.

Hoof It is led back into the yard ready for tea.

Bed time, after his tea Hoof It can relax in his box and snooze. Like all days its been a busy one!

Added: Friday 06 October 2017

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