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Here we take a trip down memory lane with short biographies and photos of some of the well known horses to race for the yard. Over our long training career some of our horses have taken on the role of flagbearers for the yard and here we keep their memories alive.

We also feature more heroes here.

Name FoaledColourSexSire

Great Rock 1953 b g Black Rock
Mrs A Straker

Steal A March 1957 br g Rock Star
Mr Henry Brown

Mighty Faustus 1963 b c Tamerlane
L Marginson

Grey Steel 1963 b c Como
GT Thornton

Boismoss 1964 b h Mossborough
Mr J Gordon Spriggs

Pal's Passage 1964 gr c Palestine
Mrs Elizabeth Smith

Goldwyn 1967 b m Goldhill
Billy Wilson

Red Rodney 1968 ch g Matador
Mr J Henderson

Windstorm 1968 b f Whistling Wind
Miss R Hurst

Sheriff Hutton 1968 b g Queen's Hussar
Mrs L Brotherton

Golden Mallard 1968 br h Goldhill
George Kirk

Workboy 1969 br h Firestreak
Mrs Brotherton

Dutch Gold 1969 b m Goldhill
Mr Charlie Buckton

Polly Peachum 1971 b m Singing Strand
Mrs A Henson

Wheatclose 1971 b g Highland Melody
Mr G Newsome

Burwell 1971 b c Shooting Chant
Edmund Brown

Lochnager 1972 b g Dumbarnie
Charles Spence

Peterhof 1972 ch g Royal Palace
Henry Gould

Dutch May 1972 b m Maystreak
Mr Charlie Buckton

Lazenby 1972 b c Bleep Bleep
Percy Long

Fretta 1972 b f Goldhill
Mrs L Brotherton

Sweet Nightingale 1973 br f Swing Easy
Mrs L Brotherton

Partridge Brook 1973 b f Birdbrook
Tim English

Scattered Scarlet 1973 b c Hotfoot
Mrs Anne Mears

Pennina 1973 b f Great Nephew
J Throup

Mrs McArdy 1974 b m Tribal Chief
Edith Kettlewell

Jon George 1974 gr h Comedy Star
Mrs Newsome

Tudor Jig 1974 ch h Tudor Melody
Sir Edwin McAlpine

Whenby 1974 b g Prevailing
Mrs N Mason / J Henderson

Urser 1974 b h Ragusa
Marquese de Moratalla / MW Easterby

Happy Worker 1975 b g Workboy
Mrs L Brotherton / CL Prosser & Co

Skewsby 1976 b g Andrea Mantegna
A Phillips

Mr Snugfit 1977 b g Jukebox
Mr Adrian Greenwood

B and K Emperor (IRE) 1977 gr g Young Emperor
B & K Motors Ltd

Walter Osborne (IRE) 1977 ch c Welsh Pageant
Robert Sangster

Lucky Dutch 1979 b g Lucky Wednesday
Charlie Buckton

Chapel Cottage 1981 b f Homing
Mr Robert Sangster

Tresidder 1982 b g Connaught
C Geraghty / S Brewer

Peckitt's Well 1982 b m Lochnager
Mrs C Geraghty

Catherine's Well 1983 ch m Junius (USA)
Hippodromo Racing / Robert Cox / K Hodgson

Yaheeb (USA) 1983 b h Alleged
Mrs J Davenport

Wiganthorpe (IRE) 1984 ch h Thatching
S Easterby and R Sangster

Master Pokey 1984 br g Uncle Pokey
Lord Belper

Golden Flats 1985 br m Sonnen Gold
C F Buckton

Macarthur I 1985 b g Ardross
Mrs Anne Henson

Silver Stick 1987 gr g Absalom
Lord Manton

Penny Hasset 1988 b m Lochnager
Mrs Anne Henson

Hasta La Vista 1990 b g Superlative
K Hodgson & Mrs J Hodgson

Minster Glory 1991 b g Minster Son
Mrs Hartley

Flat Top 1991 b g Blakeney
Lord Manton

Lady Sheriff 1991 b m Taufan
E J Mangan

Banker Count 1992 b g Lord Bud
Mrs H Brown

Foist 1992 b g Efisio
D F Spence

Blessingindisguise 1993 b g Kala Shikari
Mr AG Black

Westcourt Magic 1993 b g Emarati
Mr K and Mrs J Hodgson

Dee Pee Tee Cee (IRE) 1994 b g Tidaro
Mrs M E Curtis

Jedi Knight 1994 b g Emarati
K Hodgson & Mrs J Hodgson

William's Well 1994 ch g Superpower
Mr and Mrs Hodgson

Noshinannikin 1994 ch g Anshan
Stephen J Curtis

Flower O'Cannie (IRE) 1995 b m Mujadil
Mrs E Rhind

Nowell House 1996 ch g Polar Falcon
B Bargh, J Walsh, T Swain

The Nomad 1996 b g Nomadic Way
S Brewer, D Sugars & B Parker

Sporting Gesture 1997 b g Safawan
Steve Hull

Middlethorpe 1997 b g Noble Patriarch
AG Black and J Quickfall

Silver Socks 1997 gr g Petong
Mrs A Geraghty / MW Easterby

Trouble Mountain (USA) 1997 br g Mt Livermore
Mrs J Turpin

Blue Spinnaker (IRE) 1999 b g Bluebird
G Sparkes, G Hart, S Curtis, T Dewhirst

Gala Sunday (USA) 2000 b g Lear Fan
Dewhirst, Moore, Murphy, Sparkes, Hull

Gentleman's Deal (IRE) 2001 b h Danehill
Mr S Curtis

Atlantic Story (USA) 2002 br g Stormy Atlantic
Matthew Green

Bow Bridge 2003 br m Bertolini
Mrs A Jarvis

Ancient Cross 2004 b g Machiavellian
Bown, Hull, Hall, Fiddes, Swales

Desert Vision 2004 b g Alhaarth
Black, Edmonds, Holdroyd, Quickfall

Lightening Rod 2005 b g Storming Home
Mr N W A Bannister & Mr S Hull

Itlaaq 2006 b g Alhaarth
MW Easterby

Day Of The Eagle (IRE) 2006 b g Danehill Dancer
Mr Steve Hull

Shadows Lengthen 2006 b g Dansili
T A F Frost

Kalk Bay (IRE) 2007 b g Hawk Wing
Linda Folwell

Space War 2007 b g Elusive City
B Padgett / MW Easterby / LM Syndicate

Hoof It 2007 b g Monsieur Bond
A Chandler Racing

Hernando Torres 2008 b g Iffraaj
Clive Sigsworth / D Scott

Pivotman 2008 ch g Pivotal
Mr K Wreglesworth

Tapis Libre 2008 b g Librettist
Susan Mason

Perfect Pasture 2010 b g Pastoral Pursuits
S Hull & S Hollings

Aetna 2010 b m Indesatchel
Mr B Padgett

Hoofalong 2010 b g Pastoral Pursuits
A Chandler, L Westwood, D & Y Blunt

Qaffaal (USA) 2011 b g Street Cry
Calam, Holdsworth & Laura Mason Syndicate

Holiday Magic (IRE) 2011 gr g Dark Angel
Left the yard, October 2019

Bowson Fred 2012 b g Monsieur Bond
Mrs A Jarvis

Arrowtown 2012 b m Rail Link
Hollings, Folwell, Hull, Bannister

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