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Joanna Mason injured in Point-to-Point fall

Joanna Mason injured in Point-to-Point fall
Wed 18 Mar 2015|Joanna Mason

In March 2015 I took a bad fall at Hutton Rudby Point-to-Point riding a horse called Comedinewithme. Not knowing, but this was going to be the end of my Point-to-Point career with 48 winners under my belt. An unstable door wedge fracture of my T8 &T9 and bang to the head left me hospital bound until I was operated on (8 pins and 2 rods) to support the fracture. Back then I didn't realise how lucky I was to be still walking, as the fracture was very close to my spinal cord. With the decision after then to maybe stick to the flat.

ON way to hospital after the fall and my x-rays.

After a stint in the Jack Berry House, physio, hydrotherapy pool and gym strengthening, I was back on a horse 3 months and a week from the fall. Pretty impressive. But if it wasn't for The Jack Berry House and the specialist care and attention this would defiantly not have been possible.