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Buying a Racehorse

Racehorse ownership can be a very exciting and enjoyable experience. Ask any racehorse owner and they will tell you that owning - in part or whole - a winning racehorse is one of life's greatest joys. But racehorse ownership can also require tremendous patience and can involve frustration and disappointment. There is never any guarantee that even the most expensive horse will succeed. After all, racehorses, like professional footballers and athletes, can suffer from injuries and set backs. 

For most owners, however, the expense and potential disappointment are not enough to diminish their enthusiasm for the sport and their desire for a glorious winner. For further information on racehorse ownership you might like to contact the Racehorse Owners Association who can provide you with general advice.

There is nothing quite like planning your horse's campaign or watching your horse training on the gallops and racing on the track. Here at Mick Easterby Racing we can provide help and advice for everyone from the experienced to the first time owner. Mick Easterby has bought and bred winning racehorses for over half a century and offers you the opportunity to draw upon the experience of one of the shrewdest racehorse trainers.


There are several different ways in which you can own a racehorse. You can have full ownership or part ownership. Two or more prospective owners can determine their share of ownership. Syndicates have been popular in recent years, whereby several enthusiasts club together, put money in the kitty and share the rollercoaster ride of racehorse ownership. If you would like to discuss organising a racing syndicate through Mick Easterby, telephone Mick on 01347 878 368.

We are always keen to help anyone wanting to set up a new syndicate in the yard.


Once an owner has purchased a racehorse the jockey riding the horse will wear the colours of the owner when he or she races. Owners who have not yet registered colours can design their own silks.

Naming Your Horse

If you have purchased an unnamed horse then you will have the thrill of choosing a name for the horse. There are certain rules that must be followed and some names that cannot be used, including names already registered, protected names of famous horses from the past, and of course, rude words! .

Horses for Sale

Click here to preview the horses currently for sale at the yard.

Click here to look at the list of horses in training.

If you are interested in buying a horse, whether you are an experienced owner or a first time owner, please give us a call on 01347 878368. We would be delighted to help you in every stage, from buying a horse, accompanying you to the sales, planning the horse's campaign and individual training plan.


Once you own a racehorse you will need to consider the types of races in which your horse will run. We provide a basic guide here.

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