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Owners and Colours

The jockeys riding in races wear the colours of the owner. Each owner has a unique set of colours which can be registered to a single owner or a partnership or syndicate. Here are our owners' colours alongside the horses which run in their silks.

If you want to know more about racing silks or you want to use the BHA's online tool for designing racing colours then click the link here.

A Barney, S Charman, HPE Racing & H Fell

Unnamed (00 Cherrycombe-Row)

A G Pollock, J Sissons & Golden Ratio

Where's Jeff

A Pollock & J Blackburn


A Stott & E Brook


Adrian Greenwood & Simon A Windle

Major Snugfit

Alan Zheng

Brandy Spirit

Alan Zheng & Stittenham Racing

Ho Whole Dream

B Hoggarth & D Scott Pattern Makers Ltd

Melgate Magic

B Hoggarth, S Davis and S Hull

La Rav

Bernard Hoggarth Racing

Melgate Majeure

Blackburn, Vincent, Sheppard, Winter


CA Cyzer


No Dress Rehearsal

Carl Chapman

Dubai Mystery

Casino Royale Racing

Ladies First

David Scott And Co Ltd & Partner

Lady Lavinia

David Scott Ltd, P Cram & H Cram

Irish Eileen

Falcon's Line Ltd

Sam's Gunner

Folwell, Morse, Mulryan, Winter & Cram

Rapid Applause

Gerard McMullan

Shall We Begin

Golden Ratio, Hull, Hollings & Winter

Quick Look

Golden Ratio, S Winter & J Blackburn

Albert's Back

Harry Easterby Racing

Desert Dream

Hollings, Folwell, Hull, Bannister


Hollings, Hull & Davis

Vardon Flyer

HPE Racing


Imperial Racing

Flight Officer

Unnamed (00 Medaille d'Or)

Imperial Racing & J Blackburn

Soft Summer Rain

Imperial Racing and J Blackburn

Elysian Flame

Imperial Racing and John Blackburn

Unnamed (00 Eminencia)

Imperial Racing, J Blackburn & P Scott

Dreams And Visions

Art Of Diplomacy

J Blackburn & A Turton

Miss Sheridan

J Blackburn & R C Bond

Unnamed (00 Kanisfluh)

J Blackburn & S Winter


J Blackburn A Pollock A Turton

Gulf Of Poets

J Blackburn and L Folwell

Agar's Plough

J Blackburn, E Frost, S Hull, A Pollock

Star Archer

J Blackburn, J Ward & H Easterby Racing

Barton Mills

James Munroe

No Bills

Jason McIvor, Charles Black & S Hull

Noddy Shuffle

John Blackburn

Miss Chilli

Unnamed (00 Croeso Cariad)

John Blackburn & Imperial Racing

George Ridsdale

John Blackburn & Julia Lukas


John H Sissons


John Wills

Unnamed (00 Skiddaw Wolf)

JT Brown

Miss Brooklyn

M Blades, S Hollings & S Hull


M J R Bannister & Stittenham Racing


Middleham Park Racing & Steve Hull


Mr & Mrs Hartley

Ivory Command

Mr A Saha


Holiday Magic



Mr B Padgett

Unnamed (00 Aetna)


Joe The Beau

Mr K Wreglesworth


Mr Tang

Turquoise Friendly

Mrs A Jarvis

Bowson Fred

Unnamed (00 Bow Bridge)

Mrs C Mason & Partner

Harvest Day

Mrs L Folwell, J Blackburn & S Winter

Imperial State

Mrs Linda Folwell Racing


Mrs Mary Kennell

Unnamed (00 Handsome Molly)

Oh Mary Oh Mary

MW Easterby



Thornton Le Clay

MW Easterby & Stittenham Racing

Novelty Seeker

N Wrigley, A Fordham, J Lukas and MW Easterby

Unnamed (00 Glaisdale)

Reg Bond And John Blackburn

Uh Oh Chongo

S Davis & S Hull


S Hull & S Hollings

Carlton Bella

S Hull, S Hollings, L Vincent & M Blades

Heart In Havana

S Winter, C Straghalis, Mrs C Mason, S Hull, S Hollings, Laura Mason Syndicate


S Winter, C Straghalis, S Hull, S Hollings, D Fielding, Laura Mason Syndicate


Sheep As A Lamb Syndicate

Boreas Duke

South Bank Racing


Steve Davis & Steve Hull

Skye Dreaming

Stewart A Lewis Racing

Kimberley Girl

The Irrational Group & J Blackburn



The Laura Mason Syndicate

Space War

Sherzy Boy

Turton, Blackburn, Folwell, Laura Mason Syndicate

Magic City

Westy Partnership

Sam's Call

Winter, Blackburn, Cram, Blades, Hollings, Hull, Laura Mason Syndicate


New House Farm, Sheriff Hutton, York, North Yorkshire, UK, YO60 6TN Tel: 01347 878368

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